How to help our children with anxiety: The Worry Eater

These are a fabulous resource if you have a child who struggles with anxiety and also finds it difficult to either express their worries or put them to one side. They can draw a picture of their worry, or write it down and then feed it to the worry monster!

When the child is ready, they can take the worry out and chat about it. Sometimes they prefer not to; they like to feed the worry to the monster and then forget about it.
Use your discretion as to whether it’s a big worry that needs to be talked about; or a little worry that can be mentally processed and then discarded.

It’s an effective method for visual and kinesthetic learners to process emotions and make them a little more ‘concrete’ rather than abstract.
They also come in a key ring form with a little Velcro mouth; handy for when you’re out and about or the child is away from home.

Have you used a worry monster or a worry letter box?
What methods do you find have been most useful for helping your child to cope with anxiety?

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